Pastry Love By Joanne Chang

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Joanne does more than just share her recipes. She also shares her love for what she does, and that's what all great bakers and chefs do--they teach you to cook for the soul, not just the palate. First you find love for baking, then you bake. -Dominique Ansel, Chef/Owner, Dominique Ansel Bakery and Kitchen ''This may be my fave book of Joanne's YET!!! If there is anyone who understands the magic power of a warm muffin or a flaky, buttery croissant to brighten someone's day, it's my girl Joanne Chang. Pastry Love is everything you want in a baking guide. With it open on my kitchen counter, oven heating, mixing bowl ready to get into the mix, I feel exactly as I do when I walk into a Flour Bakery in Boston--welcomed, loved, and right at home.'' -Christina Tosi, Chef/Owner, Milk Bar ''From kicking off the day with Nutty Seedy Breakfast Cookies, to Peppermint Kisses as an after-dinner treat (with a stellar assortment of cakes, cookies, pies, and candies in between), Pastry Love is Joanne Chang's best collection of recipes yet! She is a rare combination of enthusiasm, talent, and passion--anything Joanne bakes, I want to eat.'' -David Lebovitz, Author of My Paris Kitchen and The Perfect Scoop ''This stunning book offers a superb window into the immense skill set of America's premiere baking goddess. I am obsessed with everything Joanne bakes, and Flour is a bakery I visit on every trip to Boston. I could go on and on about the technical perfection, the absurd quality of the baked goodies and their recipes, and the ease of use for the casual baker... all pillars of Pastry Love. Joanne really only has one goal in life, and that's making people happy. She is the person we all want to be in the kitchen with, fingertips still slick with butter, the smell of caramel in the air, an icy glass of milk at the ready... and those insane chocolate chip cookies emerging from the warm, reassuring oven that's keeping us company.'' -Andrew Zimmern, Chef, Author, Television Personality ''Rejoice! At last we have another Joanne Chang book to bake through. From breakfast sweets, breads, and pies to show-off cakes and snacks as irresistible as sticky-bun popcorn, Pastry Love is chockablock with recipes we all want to make, and each is written so clearly that even first-timers can succeed. This book won't last ten minutes before it'll be smudged with butter--a true sign of a baker's love.'' -Dorie Greenspan, author of Everyday Dorie and Dorie's Cookies Author: Joanne Chang