Mint Woods No. 206

Price: $48.00 - $244.00
Sold As: Individual
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Lose all sense of time and place among layered canopies of calming refreshment-where invigorating light gives way to the entrancing allure of the misty depths. The journey begins with cleansing water mint, smoky wild lavender, orange blossom, and warm honeyed neroli, leading to refreshing woody bamboo and darkly mysterious wormwood
Material: Metal Additional Information: 4oz BURN TIME: 12 Hours

8oz BURN TIME: 35 Hours

9oz BURN TIME: 40 Hours

28oz BURN TIME: 50 Hours

58oz BURN TIME: 90 Hours

(The first time you burn your candle, allow it to burn for at least two hours.)
58oz: 5.5"D x 7"H